French Wine Discoveries Fair 2020

Trade Event
Date: 14/01/2020 - 14/01/2020 Time: 13:00 - 18:00

The 2020 French Wine Discoveries Fair will take place in Dublin in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Golden Lane, Dublin 8 on Tuesday 14th  January 2020 and will feature a number of family boutique wine producers and Wine Traders, all of whom will be seeking representation on the Irish market. The 2020 French Wine Discoveries Fair will showcase a number of French wines regions including Bordeaux, Burgundy, Languedoc/Roussillon, Loire Valley, Rhône Valley, and Provence

 Participating wineries for the 2020 French Wine Discoveries Fair include:

 Bordeaux: Châteaux Clamens Begue Heppleman, Châteaux Grand Ormeau,

Châteaux Tour Saint Fort, Châteaux la Marzelle, Vignobles Brunot.

 Burgundy: Domaine du Bicheron.

 Languedoc/Roussillon: Domaine de la Vaillére, Domaine Grier, Clos Saint-George

 Loire Valley: Domaine Champs Gonneau, Domaine André Figeat, Domaine Dérame.

 Rhone Valley: Vignobles Mousset-Barrot - Château des Fines Roches, Vignerons du Mont Ventoux.

 Provence: Château Bonisson, Domaine Saint-Julien, Les Vignerons du Castelas

 Sud Ouest: Domaine Grand Chêne.

 Wine Traders: Couleurs d’Aquitaine , The Winegoce, Confrerie des Domaines.

 More regions and wineries will be added in the coming weeks.The tasting is open to trade and press. 

 To register or for more information contact

 Ireland: Jean Smullen  Email:  jean@jeansmullen.com

Telephone (086) 816 8468

France:  Anne-Catherine VIGOUROUX  anne.vigouroux@orange.fr

Antoine COUILLABIN LOISELIER a.couillabin@gfa.fr

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